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HIG’s aerial photography products and services

HIG spends the time to provide our clients with high quality historical aerial photographs.  We have years of experience locating and obtaining aerial photography from a variety of public sources and private vendors, ensuring our clients receive great aerial photography sets and thorough custom aerial research services.

Historical Aerial Photographs
This is a set of aerial photographs compiled by our Researchers and designed to show a specific site over several decades.  HIG’s Historical Aerial Photographs are used extensively by environmental due diligence professionals, engineers, wetland professionals and others striving to determine the history of land use over time. They are also used to determine where to drill and sample during Phase II projects.

Highlights of HIG’s Historical Aerial Photographs:

  • Most of our aerial photographs have a scale of 1” = 500’ with a few at 1” = 800’. 
  • Each aerial photograph can show an area up to 5000’ x 7500’ or approximately 860 acres in size, dependent on the shape of the property.  Larger sites or irregular-shaped sites may require more aerial photographs at an additional charge.
  • We will provide 5 to 12 aerial photographs of different years typically ranging from the 1930s or 1940s to the near present.
  • Historical Aerial Photographs is offered a la carte and in all of our multi-product packages.

GIS-Ready Aerials
Do you need more information from your aerials, especially for your corridor or large area projects
Have your aerial photographs georeferenced by HIG! 

  • Our GIS-Ready Aerials service is available for any of our aerial photograph products.
  • We use three ground control points per image over an orthophoto base map to provide cost-effective accuracy suitable for general analysis.
  • We reference to your local UTM Zone, in feet or meters, as specified by you on our order form.
  • Files are delivered in compact JPG format, named by year the photograph was taken.
  • Images are approximately one (1) meter resolution in most cases, and are compatible with GIS and CAD software. 

HIG is happy to provide custom GIS services to any specifications required for your project.

HIG Custom Aerials
This service is for clients who need a specific aerial photograph year or set of years and for people who need a certain aerial photograph resolution or file format.  

HIG Researchers will search for the availability of aerial photographs that cover your site for the year (or years) you specify, in the format you need. Numerous sources of aerial photography exist; due to our experience working with these sources we can streamline the process of acquiring the aerial photographs you need.

Call 952-253-2004 for more details or to discuss the specifications of your project.
Large Sites and Corridor Projects
HIG has extensive experience working on large sites and corridor projects.  We have provided custom aerial services for numerous transportation corridors, wind farms, large brownfield redevelopment areas and utility corridors.  Because of the unique nature of these projects, please contact us and we will provide you with estimated costs based on your specific project needs and required turnaround time.

For additional information about our capabilities for large sites or corridor projects, refer to our large sites and corridor studies services.   

Aerial Prints & Enlargements
HIG has extensive experience scanning aerial photography, completing accurate image rectification, and creating prints and enlargements from digital imagery.  Call us for more information at 952-253-2004.

Uses of Aerial Photographs

Wetland delineation (forensics) Transportation corridors
Steam restoration Wind farms
Outfall research Erosion mitigation
Storm water management Dam assessment
Environmental site assessments Flood assessments
Brownfield Investigations Forestry / crop studies
Legal disputes Mining restoration areas/ studies
Landfill sittings  

Need a quote or have questions?
Please contact us at 952-253-2004 for more information about any of our aerial photograph services.

Aerial Photograph Set Sample

Aerial Photograph Set Sample
Bismarck, ND

Aerial Photograph Set Sample
South of Loop Chicago